The President's Corner
By Marv Neilsen

February 16, 2017
I am looking at the last post of the President's corner, and see it is dated Apr 2016.  As it is now Feb 2017, it appears I am ahead of schedule.

I do have a few musings, most just personal stuff.  Main one being the cam on my 57 Chev decided to go from a pointy lobe to a round lobe.  Not good. With the help of a couple crusty Sunset Hiway Cruisers, the engine was removed and sent to the machine shop to be cleaned.  Biting the bullet, I ordered a complete upper end kit from Edelbrock.  Aluminum heads, intake, cam, lifter, etc.  All this was done in my garage (with my wifes car outside) Putting this new engine together, and installing it, amongst the moans and groans of my high priced mechanics, was a sight to behold.  Much to my wonderment (after I removed the starter and installed it right side up), It started and sounds and runs unbelievably well.  Thank you friends.  I could not have done it without you. 

Yours Truly, Marv

April 25,2016
It appears I am being black-mailed by our Webmaster.  I am running behind
on the President's Corner portion of our web site.  To be truthful, the
shows that have already gone by were run very well, well attended, and
(with the exception of last Sunday's Porsche Show) without a gully
washer. So it has been an easy spring for us. Busy time for the Sunset
Hiway Cruisers as we are fast approaching our own Spring Opener. 
Trophies are made, dash plaques are in the box (Thank you, Awards
Service in Lynnwood) and scads of door prizes.  Weather Chairman Joe
Forkner has promised warm sunny weather, so hope to see many of you
there. May 15.  Yours Truly, Marv

January 27, 2016
As the end of the first month of the New Year comes to an end I am reminded that it is time to check the fluids, add a new coat of wax to the Hot Rod, and do all things necessary to start "Cruising"'
Having just attended the annual Car Show Meeting at the Triple XXX, the Sunset Hiway Cruisers and Jose are preparing for a new year.  The meeting was well attended by many Clubs and the City Code Compliance Officer.  Rules and Regulations were talked about, and several questions were answered. Many folks came early and had dinner, and Jose gave out a lot of door prizes.
Also, this month the Sunset Hiway Cruisers had their annual dinner at the Hilton Garden.  All Cruisers were present except Ron D, who is battling pneumonia.  Good food, good friends, lots of laughs, a very special night with a wonderful group of folks.
May 15 will be the Sunset Hiway Cruisers traditional Spring Opener, be sure you are ready for that.  The following weekend is the Wa St Hot Rod Hall of Fame Banquet, held at the Holiday Inn Everett. Instructions and phone numbers are at Wa St Hot Rod Hall of Fame. Great event as it raises funds for various charities and scholarships for students attending Lake Washington Institute of Technology.
Fingers crossed for sunny days for all car shows.  Regards, Yours Truly

​September 14, 2015
As the Car Show Season dwindles toward a rainy, windy end, I am reminded of the good, happy times I have witnessed this past year. These times have loomed large when it comes time to compare with the negativism and complaining that have appeared. When you see a young 16 year old, on his birthday, win the Young Guns award, then draws the lucky ticket for the Coca-Cola bicycle. All this in front of his parents! Pure unabashed joy, riding around the parking lot hooting and hollering. Or the elderly gentleman who brings his Dad's stock pick-up to the show, claiming he had never been to a car show, wins an award, looks to the sky with a tear in his eye, and says..........This is for you, Dad! Good stuff. Surrounded by a wonderful group of car savvy people, The Sunset Hiway Cruisers, I give a hearty "Thank You" to all who have attended shows at the Triple XXX, and Drive Safely. Yours Truly, Marv

May 18, 2015
Spring Opener at the Triple XXX was a great success.  Approximately 100 cars with some individual donations.  All went very smooth with input from all the Cruisers.  I was a little stressed all week after checking the weather every 20 minutes, but it turned out to be a comfortable day.  A touching  moment when John Jensen accepted a Great Eight trophy for his good friend's 40 Ford, who passed away without getting to drive it.  He told me he was going straight to his friend's widow and present the trophy to her. He drove out with tears in his eyes.  Crowning moment was the $100,000 Model A that ran out of gas in the trophy parade. Oh, Bruce!  What a great group we have developed here, folks.  Proud to work with each and every one of you.  Yours Truly 

March 24, 2015
So, it seems I have stalled long enough.  The SHC Sr Vice President/Club Photographer/Editor/Computer Emeritus Wizard has gently scolded me for the last time.  As we are early in the season, and have 3 successful shows to our credit at the Triple XXX, the news is rather skimpy.  The changes in the Triple XXX schedule are:  The Cougar Prowl is no longer, it is being replaced with a new Mopar Club show.  There has also been an addition of a new show. That being the Issaquah XXX Rod and Custom Invitational, held on July 5.  Mike Montgomery, one of the movers and shakers of the GM Nationals, held at Seattle Raceways,  is heading this show.  We wish them much success. 

We wish ALL the shows at the XXX to be successful, with no rain, lots of cars, and everyone having a good time.  That is what it's all about.  Yours Truly

December 9, 2014
Wrap-up of Jingle Bell Cruise:  What an amazing day!  Thanks to all club member for being there.  Toys are estimated to be close to last year, but checks and cash  were a lot more.  Shannon and Susan, like last year, took the cash to Ross's late Sunday and bought coats gloves hats, etc, and added that to the toys.  I had written a quick note on facebook when I got home, just before the game, and by the time the game was over, I had numerous kudos from all over the States about how cool the SHC are.  Also, the volunteers at Pickering Barn just stood there, amazed, as Joe, Susan and I brought in cart after cart of toys on Monday.  Many people asked "who are you guys anyway" We proudly told them who we are, and what we do.  So, folks, the SUNSET HIGHWAY CRUISERS rock!  Have a great day, I'm out the door for therapy in Seattle.  Marv

November 30, 2014
President's Corner:
 As we rapidly cruise into the winter months, I am reminded how successful the Car Shows at the Triple XXX were.  Weather being the main cause.  I believe 90% of the shows were in decent weather.  One more show to go, that being the Jingle Bell Cruise at the XXX on Dec 7.  Come on down, even if you have to bring the family sedan.  Lots of good will, smiles, and hugs.  Plus any toys you bring will give some youngster a Christmas they would not have had. On a personal note, the new knee is doing well, I'm walking without the cane now. Just a matter of time.  If you cannot make the Jingle Bell Cruise, my message to you is....Have a wonderful Holiday Season.  Yours Truly

July 14,2014
Today I will muse about what makes a car show successful or not.  Of course the first thing that pops up is the weather. If a deluge is on it's way, it certainly will limit the amount of participants. Every car show organizer keeps his (or her) eye on the forecast.  The odd thing is while we have a nice day at the Triple XXX, we get reports of rain in Woodinville, Auburn, North Bend and all points in that big circle.  Explain that.  The weather Gods went to extremes yesterday at the Motorcycle Show at the Triple XXX. Very warm, but attendance was down approximately 40% over last year (when it rained) Lots of reasons why:  Stunt team not here anymore...Big show already in Renton.........Too warm.  My own personal reasoning.  This hot you do not want to be sitting in the blazing sun in full leathers, you want to be "on the road" with the wind in your hair, bugs on your teeth..............keeping cool.  Yours Truly

June 30, 2014

In the course of being the "Outside"managers at the Triple XXX Car Shows, the Sunset Hiway Cruisers meet many different personalities on any given Sunday. I am happy to mention the last two "New" car shows that have joined the calendar of shows at the XXX. Sunday before last was the Fenders and Fins show, and this Sunday was the Vintage Cadillac and LaSalle show. Both shows came off without a hitch, not a single fire to put out, absolutely no issues to deal with, and very early on it was obvious both clubs wanted to be successful, obey all the rules, and have a good day. Both shows pulled it off! Congratulations and we will see you next year, same time, same place.  Yours truly.

June 16, 2014

Today I want to share a warm and fuzzy story that happened on Fathers Day at the Fenders on Front Street Car Show.  As the Awards Ceremony progressed, the DJ asked by name for an attending lady to come forward and receive a Griot's Car Care package.  She stepped forward and received the package, then the DJ entered into a conversation about what was her favorite car.  She replied "Bug Eye Sprite"  What color would be your favorite?  "British Racing Green"  Why? was the next question.  "Because my dad had one and I loved it"  Unbeknownst to her, her husband and his dad had been restoring one the last 2 years, with British Racing Green colors.  At this time (The Sprite had been hidden from view all this time) the Sprite was driven around the corner and right up in front of her.  Totally shocked to see her Father-In-Law driving and her daughter as a passenger. Hands to her face, tears in her eyes, she was very touched.  I looked around and did not see too many dry eyes.  Wonderful presentation.  Side note:  Fenders on Front Street had over 250 cars and over 1000 spectators, mostly various stages of dampness.  Yours Truly 

Memorial Day, 2014

I want to change gears for this segment, and remind all who are at Car Shows or Family BBQ or picnics today, the real reason why Memorial Day is a  Holiday.  There are those who went before us to enable us to have freedom we have, and those still in the service that ensure we still have this freedom.  They are all heroes.  A silent  "Thank You" to all.  Yours Truly

April 28th, 2014

As it happens every year at this time, living in the Great Pacific Northwest, the weather plays a large part in Car Show attendance.  This is what happened the last two weeks at the Triple XXX Drive-In.  Last week the Fiat show got quite a bit of rain, then this last Sunday the Porsche Show received a monsoon about half way through their show.  Not as bad as the Nova Show at the Covington Les Schwaub Tire Center.  It hailed!  Better weather is coming, and it may hit 70 degrees this week.  This will make the Vintage Trailer folks happy.  Come on down to the XXX, and view lots of 50's and 60's travel trailers all dolled up, and many pulled by vintage cars and trucks.  Yours Truly. 

January 24th, 2014

Well, true to predictions 2014 did arrive, and with that a new Car Show Season.  As I mentioned before, the Sunset Hiway Cruisers have no "seasons".  We are constantly working to improve the Car Shows at the Triple XXX.  To that end we have had communications with the Issaquah Code Compliance Officer (Just two visits about permit details last week), The Issaquah Traffic Division and the Issaquah Police Department.  I hope to be seeing a lot of you this coming Monday the 27th at 6:00 at the Triple XXX for the season beginning Car Show Meeting.  We will be welcoming several new clubs that will have new shows this year, as well as answering your questions. We will have copies of the Special Permit issued by the City, as well as hand-outs from our favorite trophy supplier Awards Service in Lynnwood Wa.  Hope to see you there.  Yours Truly 

December 14, 2013

Some tours of duty are harder than others.  Thanks to Jodeen and Shana of the Virginia Mason for their continued support.

In the last two weeks the President was able to present appreciation letters and awards to Bright Horizons, The Grange, Staples, Integrity Auto,  Scott the semi truck driver who brings the VM imaging trailer every Sunday, Extreme Pizza, I-90 Motorsports, and Michelle at Your Espresso Shop.  These awards expressed the thanks of the Triple XXX Drive-In and the Sunset Hiway Cruisers for their continuing support of all the car shows in 2013.  Two more letters and awards will be going out next week to the valued Virginia Mason Clinic administrators that also support all the car shows and our chosen charity LEO of Issaquah.  

The President also was able to remove his President's uniform and put on his Santa suit and attend the Annual LEO Christmas party, held at Blakely Hall on the Sammamish Plateau.  Especially heart-warming was the little 6 year old girl who was peeking out the window (Not knowing Santa was coming) and caught a glimpse of Santa strolling down the sidewalk.  Eyes as big as saucers, her hand covering her mouth, she sprinted to the door and promptly velcro'd herself to Santa's leg. Lots of Teddy Bears, Hot Wheels, candy canes and hugs.  The Jingle Bell Cruise was a very successful event, held at the Triple XXX, and managed by the SHC members, with toys delivered to the Issaquah Food and Clothing Bank at their yearly event at Pickering Barn.  Thanks to all Car Guys and Gals who participated. A great feeling to know a child will have some toys and some warm clothing for the Holiday Season.  Merry Christmas, everyone.  Yours Truly, Marv 

October 21, 2013

Although this next weekend with the PT Cruisers is the end of the "formal" car shows, and governing the Jingle Bell Cruise in December, it is not the end of the season for the Sunset Hiway Cruisers.  Through-out the winter months we continue to meet with the City of Issaquah, the Virginia Mason administrators, Staples, Integrity Motors and other neighbors of the XXX.  We maintain a steady dialog with the City, especially the Code Compliance Officer and the Traffic Division.  There always seems to be a little something that needs to be addressed.  So, if something changes during this "off" season, and we bring it up at your show next year, please remember...........We are only the messenger.............That also goes for the few issues that came up this past year.................We are only the messenger............Your Truly 

October 14, 2013
(Webmaster's note:  Marv emails me his comments to post here.  I will generally post them verbatum.  I did edit this week's just a little bit.)

FYI:  The Rat Bastards emailed Jose yesterday to inform him they would be discontinuing the "Infestation" show at the XXX.  Jose immediately fired of email asking them to reconsider.  They want to have Labor Day back for family activities.  We'll see.    So, on to the President's Corner:  I want to add to Steve's wonderfully written editorial that to the Club's credit the organizer was aware of the inconsiderate looney that put on a display of idiocy with his Magnum.  As I approached him to lodge a complaint, he was already ahead of me by saying "We know who he is, we'll take care of it" I ended the conversation by saying..."He is not welcome back..............EVER" On a positive not, it was a nice day weatherwise.  Yours truly    (Edit whatever you need to, Steve.  I do not profess to be a writer)

October 7, 2013

As the Car Show Season starts to dwindle down my first thoughts are of the new cars that entered the scene this year and the many new friends I have made.  I am particularly proud of the accomplishments of the Sunset Hiway Cruisers, and the effect they have made in ensuring the car shows at the Triple XXX are carried out successfully and within the mandates of the City of Issaquah, the VM Clinic, the Triple XXX, and all the neighbors.  We did have a couple incidents that will be addressed at the Car Show Meeting in January.  My second thoughts go to my garage.  What projects await?  My gas pump is finished, I have a few pistons to polish and assemble, but what next?  Another pump?  A Gas Cart? A double AA fuel dragster?  We shall see.  Yours truly. 

September 9, 2013

The All Ford Show held this weekend at the Triple XXX turned out to be a great show even though they had lost their major sponsor.  They just rolled up their sleeves and found a couple more.  This Club historically is one the leaders in contributing to LEO, the charity of choice of the XXX and The SunsetHiwayCruisers.  They pulled off this show in fine fashion, with a wonderful variety of cars for the trophy presentations, and lots of door prizes and raffles.  Great bunch of folks in a great club.  Yours truly